The Bad Effects of Cold on your Car

Winter is the coldest month of the year. This phenomenon occurs since the Earth tilts away from the sun, lowering the angle and portion of solar radiation that the planet receives. The movement also constructs a significant temperature, making the polar region colder than those near the equator.

The good news is that cold weather has a beneficial consequence for humans. It can reduce inflammation and pain—akin to putting ice on burned skin. Several runners most likely recovered when exposed to cold weather. Correspondingly it is suggested to exercise more during the winter season because it decreases the risk of encountering inflammation and soreness than in summer.

Nonetheless, people should have limitations when exposing their bodies to the icy weather of the winter season. The cold weather can increase the risk of hypothermia and heart attack. Therefore, it is significant not to push oneself to their breaking point.

Similar to humans, vehicles also have a threshold. Overheating, or worst-case scenario, combustion happens when utilized too much, apparent under the heat of the UV rays in daylight, or does not have the precise equipment like a car window tinting Long Beach, CA geared against the sun’s warmth. 

Automobiles are vulnerable during winter as well. Sadly, only a few car owners are aware of this fact, so multiple vehicles give up while on the road in the cold weather.

How so?

Read the infographic below brought to you by the well-known window film Long Beach, CA company, KEPLER Window Films and Coatings: