Five Business Insurance Types for Restaurants

Five Business Insurance Types for Restaurants

Customers visit a restaurant to pay for delicious meals and have conversations with people. Satisfying their taste buds with mouth-watering cuisines is the language of euphoria for resto owners, which could propel them to success.

However, risks even exist in the diner’s kitchen. Such unforeseen circumstances could potentially shut down the entire resto without restaurant business insurance. Given the financial damages and legal lawsuits to face, fires, accidents, and the likes can stop operations permanently.

Like general contractor insurance, the resto-based insurance coverage ensures that property damages and injuries get covered by acquiring the following:

Commercial Property Insurance

Contrary to its name, commercial property insurance does not only protect the space where your business is located. The said insurance coverage also protects your equipment, tools, technology, inventory, and other assets.

Most businesses acquire this insurance as it covers all the property and equipment used to operate. Such coverage applies to retail stores or home-based services.

General Liability Insurance

Covering expenses related to property damage, repair costs, and legal fees cannot become a handful of tasks if your business has general liability insurance. Well-known companies and establishments buy this insurance coverage to avoid expensive legal costs and reduce their risk.

Food and Beverage Insurance

Settle food spoilage claims or drink intoxication with the food and beverage insurance. The said coverage offers protection against risks and scenarios associated with food and drink. It also guarantees assurance for your delivery drivers.

Restaurants preparing meals for pick-up or delivery may need to purchase this insurance to deal with accidents or incidents. 

Business Renter’s Insurance

Restaurants owners with several outlets are the main benefactors of the business renter’s insurance, primarily designed to protect them at a rental space or property.

It covers income loss, vandalism, theft, fire, and lawsuits. The renter’s insurance is much cheaper than its commercial counterpart yet provides extra coverage. Owners may customize it according to their specific business needs, such as the size and location of the space.

Business Income Insurance

When fire, vandalism, or another unexpected event interrupt your business operations, this insurance type saves the day. The business income insurance offers coverage to the following:

  • Rent and mortgage payments;
  • Tax income loss during the restoration period;
  • Employee’s payroll; and
  • Tax and loan payments.

Buying this means your resto can reopen and operate faster to serve every stakeholder at best.

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