Biggest Sports Upsets in History | Infographic

It takes a smart man to bet on higher odds but a brave man to bet on the low despite its minimal chances of winning.

And sometimes, the universe favours the brave.

In life, we are encouraged and always taught to choose the safest options, especially when the risk of choosing the other choices is too much. In live Singapore pools sports betting, for instance, people usually favour the player most likely to win due to their clean, previous winning records in the field. Most of the time, people are right to pick the game “favourite” –  yet in super rare times, however, they wished they did not speak too soon and picked the underdog instead.

A rare chance is still a chance. The lowest percentage chance can still make a difference and unexpectedly turn all the tables around. Plot twists like this frequently happen in sports – where the whole world cheers on a team more expected to win, only for the underdog to sweep them off their feet and surprisingly bring the bacon home for themselves.

In light of this, here are some mind-blowing instances where sports plot twists occurred, and bettors wished they supported the unexpected ones to win instead:

Buster Douglas

Mike Tyson was an undefeated heavyweight boxing champion, only to be knocked out by challenger Buster Douglas.

Emma Raducanu

Raducanu’s odds of winning in the US Open were just 400/1 in the beginning, so imagine everyone’s shock when she blew away every tennis opponent she had in the game.

Chelsea F.C

Chelsea used to stand no chance against any players, especially Bayern Munich, during the 2011/2012 Champions League finals, but it has changed as she unexpectedly got the upper hand at the end of the game.

With this, are you a little convinced to support players who are unlikely to win now? Fortunately, there are Singapore pools online betting sites directly accessible to watch in the comfort of your home. So place your bets, watch, sit back, and relax as you let your fate take on the betting wheel. For more interesting historical sports upset stories, feel free to check this infographic from CM2Bet.

Biggest Sports Upsets in History