Synthetic Grass vs. Natural Grass

The main difference between artificial grass and natural grass is the amount of care required to maintain it. Natural grass takes many hours of labor each week to maintain it looking its best. Slack off, and you’ll soon advertise that lack of effort. Artificial turf, on the other hand, requires little care at all. Rinsing just occasionally will remove potential odors and dust from pet waste from having been walked on it. Artificial turf also won’t fade as natural grass does over time.

Artificial turf is not mowed very often as it is merely used as a resource to make your yard look more attractive. Artificial grass does not provide a healthy living environment for your family. Synthetic mowing of your yard damages the ground because it removes nutrients that naturally occur in the soil. If you don’t have a natural grass lawn, an artificial grass manufacturer will recommend an annual maintenance treatment that will correct any problems you may be having with your mowing.

The most common complaint about artificial sports fields is that it lacks the healthy nutrients that natural grass provides. This can lead to poor health for both players and staff on the field. With synthetic sports fields, you are often playing without enough oxygen. Not enough oxygen can cause harm to your players because they can become dehydrated. If the right equipment is not available to play the sport with then, this can be deadly.

There is also the problem of uneven playing surfaces and rough playing conditions due to weather conditions. Artificial lawn maintenance depends a lot on what the weather conditions are when the artificial turf is laid. Since artificial turf is made from plastic and nylon fibers, this is not a problem, but if the ground is rainy or snowy, it will greatly affect the pitch of the artificial grass. This means that in wet weather conditions, more of the surface area of the synthetic turf will be soaked up than with dry weather conditions.

A third major complaint with artificial sports grounds comes from players getting injured while playing on such surfaces. The problem with these surfaces is that too many people rush onto the pitch without considering their safety. As a result, there are often no boundaries to place to help prevent this from happening. Players are aware that they are playing on synthetic turf, but they don’t always think about their safety. If you have a natural grass sports ground, then this is not going to happen.

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